A Town of 6,000 every race meshes together here.
The ancestral home of the Vigilant Watch, Lockhaven is a Keep surrounded by a small village and the people who support it. The Keep was already built long ago from an ancient civilization, but has been modified and rebuilt as the ages pass. The older parts of the keep are made from a red sandstone type material, while the new parts are made from local, grey granite.
Lockhaven Keeps serves as central meeting place and demilitarized zone for all the cities to adjudicate disputes, usually through the Council of Names. A small force is stationed there, and they keep the town from complete anarchy, but other than that there is no real force overseeing the town.
Lockhaven has only a few craftsman and support staff for Lockhaven, as well as ambassadors from the various cities. It mainly subsides off donations/tithes from the other towns, which are given freely as a show of good faith and cooperation.
Facts, Fast & Fun
• A Town of 6,000, everyone mashes together here.
• The ancestral home to The Vigilant Watch.
• They use messenger kites (pteranodons) to send messages and give orders all over the Free Colonies.
1. The Aerie: The tallest, northwestern tower, of the Keep. The messenger kites fly in and out of here. The whole inside of the tower serves as a giant nest, with perches and various stations for taking care of the kites along the spiral staircase.
2. The Southwestern Tower: This tower is the administration center of the Vigilant Watch, it includes a library of the Matriarch’s journal that detail past operations, several meeting rooms and many small rooms for sleeping and holding injured members of the Watch. Gwendolyn’s office takes up the entire third floor.
3. Gwendolyn’s office: The third floor of the southwestern tower. It contains a desk, a large shelf containing the journals of past Matriarchs, a large topographic map of the Free Territories with small pawns for each member of the Vigilant Watch, and a large meeting table surrounded by hard backed chairs.
4. The Barracks: A longhouse on the Keeps Grounds, with about fifty open beds for Vigilant Watch members staying in the Keep. There are no permanent spots; it is kept in case an army needs to be mustard and serves as an illicit overflow for the Watch.
5. Silver Unicorn: A local bar outside of the keep that caters to the members of the Vigilant Watch, akin to a Boston cop-bar. It is a fairly simple bar, with a long counter and a few booths along the walls.
Lady Gwendolyn the Grey Matriarch, the elven leader of the Vigilant Watch; a hieromancer and cleric of St. Nicodema. She is old and frail looking, wears a sky blue silk dress. She is wise and fair, she is always calm and even toned. Dedicated to the goals of the Vigilant Watch, she is willing to do anything to serve to Colonies even cross some moral lines. LEVEL 20 THEURGE

Rowan, the Halfling Aerie Master; in charge of the messenger kites. Wears a mottled green cloak and simple beige tunic lined with feathers of many different birds. Always looking at the sky and mentioning the weather. A disgraced member of the Dragoons of Thraeben, he is deeply loyal to the Vigilant Watch, but sees it as service indebted to the people of the Free Colonies. B.MASTER RANGER W/ A PTEREDON

Pip, human quartermaster of Lockhaven Keep, and identical twin to Dot. Has medium length brown hair and deep-sunken black eyes hidden behind wire frame glasses; never without his white cat. Business like and rather nondescripts in his speech. Has a very love/hate relationship with his sister, Dot. Not a member.

Dot, the Majordomo (in charge of all the workers) at Lockhaven Keep, and identical twin to Pip. Has medium length brown hair and deep-sunken black eyes hidden behind wire frame glasses; never without her small white dog. Business like and rather nondescripts in her speech. Has a very love/hate relationship with her brother, Pip. Not a member.

Barrel, local bartender of the Silver Unicorn. A large blonde man who wears an impeccably clean apron over a bare chest. Friendly to members of the Watch, reacts violently (almost bipolar-ly) to rowdiness in his bar, and will throw anyone out who breaks that rule. He likes to listen to members of the Watch talking, so he knows of the greater problems in the world, and wants his bar to be an oasis for them from it.


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